Time Matters
Proficiently perform your Drop Sets, Super Sets and Max Out your Overload Sets.
Formfitting back belt has been designed to mitigating pressure and discomfort.
Add volume, strength and definition to each of you major muscle groups.
Unique compact and low weight design enables SWIFTLOAD to be your GoTo.
Turn it up
SWIFTLOAD transforms causal workouts into serious strength training regimes.
Leave the chains behind
No more time consuming fuss, with the SWIFTLOAD Quick Lock and Engage Design.
A must for anyone serious about Strength Training
Engineered to rest securely on top of the users hipbone, and form-fit snuggly around the lumbar region of their back. This innovative design mitigates stress on knee joints + thoracic spine while at the same time distributes weight evenly throughout your full range of motion.
Neoprene Padded Support
Enjoying your exercise is everything, your 500% more likely to continue working out if you feel comfortable doing it.
Premium Construction
Long lasting quality designs is a must for any serious athletes; we know you put in the miles, so we build products that last.
Ergogenic design
Our worlds first design, uniquely allows SWIFTLOAD to engage ANY SIZE OR TYPE OF WEIGHT; making it the perfect workout accessory for anyone Serious about his or her Strength gains.
Stainless steel
Engineered using Stainless Steel allows it to look awesome though also hold up to the grind.
Seamless movement
Don’t be distracted OR put-off with weight slip during your set. With SWIFTLOADs anti-slide design, you can be sure your Dumbbell will stay in place during all your lifts.
Strength training
For the human body to become stronger one must keep adding weight to their sets; this forces the body with no other choice other then to physiologically adept in order to keep up with the demand.
Volume training
Drop Set training is the single best mechanisms for any athlete who desires to add lean muscle volume. The key is to drop your weight and perform you next set as quick as possibly – SWIFTLOAD’s quick lock engage and disengage design has been engineered specifically for this.
Sculpt & Definition
Super Sets, is a great training mechanism for muscular definition and tonality; this consolidated repair process makes for more symmetrically muscle growth. SWIFTLOAD allows you to seamlessly shift through strength-training exercises smoothly while still keeping muscle building intensity high.