Hungry Wolf Refuel Meal Prep Containers

Hungry Wolf Refuel Meal Prep Containers

Hungry Wolf Refuel Meal Prep Containers

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Physiology:Metabolic, Nutrition Management
Results:Nutrition Management

Product Spec

  • 5 Highly Premium Meal Prep Containers, Each Boasting: 1065ml Volume, 3 Portion Control Compartments, Outer and Inner Leak Proof Seal, Easy Lift and Secure Lips.


  • Engineered Using BPA Free Food Grade Plastic, allowing for an Odorless container, which is easy to clean.


  • Long lasting Durable Construction. Both lids and the containers themselves are engineered to interconnectedly stack together, helping with storage.


  • Microwave, Fridge, and Freezer Friendly helping to make your Meal Prepping Experience that much faster.


  • Specifically designed to support Meal Prep, Portion Control Diets,  Fitness Nutrition Goals and Weight Management guidelines. 


  • Perfect lunchbox for work, travel and/or outdoor events


Product Summary

FrontRunner Fitness Refuel Containers have been expertly designed for food storage and meal preparation. Unlike most other meal containers, the Refuel Containers have an outer and uniquely inner watertight seal. To this end, you can travel in confidence and not have to worry about your food spilling or mixing into each other's compartments. A very attractive multicolor set, with a premium quality feel. These Refuel Meal Preparation and Food Containers help you manage your dietary and nutrition management needs.

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