Premium Refuel Shaker - Flame Series

Premium Refuel Shaker - Flame Series

Premium Refuel Shaker - Flame Series

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  • Fierce Red
  • Flame Blue
  • Smoke Black
Physiology:Hydrate, Refuel and Recover
Exercises:All Sports and Exercises
Results:Enhanced Performance and Cellular Recovery

Product Spec

  • A Shaker expertly designed for fitness and nutrition needs. To keep hydrated or to mix your supplements you will receive: 600ml Main Cup Capacity + Two Additional Compartments that can be used to securely store snacks or approximately 4 Large Protein Scoops.


  • Latest Innovative Protein Dismantler ensuring Absolutely no Lumps, Just Smooth Fresh Refueling.


  • Easy Hold Finger Loop - Making it easier to carry your shaker from station to station + Spring Carbineer Locker Key Holder OR bag attachment clip!


  • No guesswork needed, with Translucent Precision ML + OZ Measuring Gauge Either Side; allowing supplement dosage instructions to be Followed accurately.


  • 100% Click and Secure Cap; ensuring no Spills or Leaks.


  • A Premium High Quality Product, that will help you advance in your strength and fitness goals quicker.

Product Summary

The FrontRunner Fitness Flame Series Refuel Shaker... is manufactured using quality BPA Free plastic, making it easy to clean and ensuring no smells. It boasts a massive 600ml main cup capacity (you actually get a little more), which is not only convenient for supplement shakes, water, coffee, smoothies etc though is needed if you're going to be taking supplements that suggest large serving sizes. Speaking of serving sizes, our Refuel Shaker has not 1, though 2 measuring gauges embossed either size of the cup illustrating liquid volume in ML & OZ. This, lets us know not only how much we've drunk though also allows serving instructions to accurately met. You will also benefit from an additional two compartments; which both can be attached to your main cup at the same time or either 1 on its own. 1 of the detachable compartments incorporates a removable pill divider. Along with your Refuel Shaker, you will also receive the latest protein dismantler ball, which is fantastic at creating smooth shakers as well as not scrapping the inside of your cup. Plus, a carabineer clip which can be used for attaching your shaker to your gym bag, and to keep your locker key secured too. The cap of the Refuel Shaker has a click and lock mechanism ensuring no leaks and has the advantage of a finger loop feature which is extremely handy when lifting your Refuel Shaker off the gym floor. On top of all that the Refuel Shaker is the most aesthetic Protein shaker on the market.

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